Drink Menu

Whiskey cocktails

Walnut Old Fashioned $12

nocino walnut liqueur, bitters, sugar, bourbon

Brown Derby $12

fresh grapefruit juice, honey syrup, bourbon

Horses Neck $12

fresh lime juice, fresh ginger, wheated bourbon, soda water

Bourbon Smash $12

fresh lemon, mint, sugar, wheated bourbon

New York Sour $11

fresh lemon, sugar, bourbon, float of red wine

Old Forester Manhattan $13

our Old Forester private barrel bourbon, Vya sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters

South of Manhattan $13

our private barrel Tennessee rye, Cardamaro amaro, touch of demerara rum

Tartan Sour $13

Laphroaig Select Islay whisky, pineapple juice, lime juice, float of Bordeaux wine

Scofflaw $12

fresh lemon, house grenadine, dry vermouth, rye

Penicillin $12 (created by Sam Ross)

ginger, lemon, honey, Islay blended Scotch

Campfire Negroni $12

sweet vermouth, Campari, Islay blended Scotch

Gin cocktails

French 75 $12

fresh lemon juice, sugar, London dry gin, sparkling wine

Bee Stiger $12

Fresh lemon juice, Mike’s Hot Honey syrup, gin

Martinez $12

sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, gin

Negroni $12

sweet vermouth, Campari liqueur, London dry gin

Tall Grass $12

medium dry madeira wine, dry vermouth, gin, bitters

Vodka, Rum cocktails

Moscow Mule $11

fresh lime, fresh ginger, vodka, soda water

Hurricane $12

house passion fruit syrup, lemon, lime and orange juices, overproof rum, Peychaud’s bitters

Caipirinha $11

fresh lime, sugar, cachaça

Tequila cocktails

Paloma $11

fresh grapefruit and lime juice, agave syrup, blanco tequila, soda water

Margarita $11

fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, blanco tequila, salt

Mezcal Cup $12

fresh lime, fresh cucumber, agave syrup, hot sauce, mezcal, blanco tequila, salt and pepper

Blanco Old Fashioned $12

blanco tequila, mezcal, agave syrup, mole bitters

Hike in the Desert $12

blanco tequila, sage, lime, agave, Laphroaig spritz

Red Wines

Bordeaux – La Fleur Du Roi $8 G / $24 B

A fruity and fresh nose with a good balance between tannins and acidity. Velvety and round mouth-feel. Varietal is 
70% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Vitiano Umbria – Falesco $9 G / $28 B

An excellent Italian table wine. Deep, dark ruby in color.
Spicy oak notes with ripe cherry, blackberry, and spice.
34% Merlot, 34% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Sangiovese

Negramaro Passamante – La Veli $9.5 G / $31 B

Rustic, yet refined, deep color with ripe cherry, plum, cinnamon and nutmeg. Medium-bodied with firm acidity and a long finish

Chianti Cetamura – Badia A Coltobuono $8.5 G / $26 B

Bright, fresh easy-drinking classic style of Chianti. Aromas of red cherry, cinnamon, flowers and licorice. Juicy and vibrant in the mouth, with harmonious acidity

Pinot Noir – Castle Rock $10 G / $35 B

From the Willamette Valley, medium-bodied with aromas of cherry and spice. On the palate the wine give flavors of berries, cinnamon, black cherry, sweet vanilla oak, and floral notes, with a long velvety finish

Valpolicella DOC – Zenato $10 G / $35 B

Ruby red in color with flesh aromas of wild berries, black currants, black cherries, and spices. On the palate, the wine is dry and robust with a velvety texture

White Wines

Chenin Blanc + Viognier – Pine Ridge $9.5 G / $31 B

Brilliant and refreshing, opening with fresh lemon, juicy honeydew, pomelo and sweet mango balanced by hints of sweet tangerine and white tea. The juicy fruit flavors linger through finish. 80% Chenin Blanc, 20% Viognier

Pinot Grigio – St. Michael Eppan $12 G / $40 B

Crisp, fresh, clean Pinot Grigio from Northern Italy. Aromas of 
pears, apples, floral and minerals precede light flavors of apples, pears, peaches and citrus. Vibrant and crisp acidity provide definition and structure


Cuvee Brut Vino – Zardetto Private $9 G / $28 B

brilliant straw yellow in color with a delicate perlage,
 this sparkler expresses notes of pears, apples and peaches 
with a hint of wildflowers

Draft Beer

Lionshead Pilsner $5 (4.5% ABV)
Lagunitas IPA $7 (6.2% ABV)
Bronx Winter Pale Ale $7 (6.7%)
Other Half Topaz IPA $7 (12 oz. 6.2%)
Bell’s Expedition Stout $8.5 (12oz. 10.5% ABV)
Kelso Nut Brown Ale $6 (5.75% ABV)
Ommegang Abbey Ale $7.5 (12oz. bottle, 8.2%)


House Ginger and Lime $3

Passion Fruit and Ginger $3

Hibiscus and Lime $3

House White Cola $3

Sprecher Root Beer $4

Sprecher Cream Soda $4

Mexican Coke $3

Diet Coke $1.5

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